Health is my #1 priority – Is it yours?

If I told you how at one time in my life, in the span of a single month, the number of emergencies, life events, and situations that required fast action on my part, an extra dose of hope, and unconditional love and support, your head would spin.

If you’ve ever felt like you can’t catch a break or that your mental, emotional, and/or physical health can’t endure much more – I understand.

Most, if not all of the population, can too – even if they are ‘going through it’ silently.

At the end of the day, when it was all said and done, I decided it was time to lean in and focus on gratitude.

Gratitude that my doctors treated me with exceptional care, that events full of fear, unknowns, and heightened emotions settled down, that I trusted myself and those around me that we would get through it. Even if I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, I believed it was there, coming in due time. I tried to be confident that I’d get through this; all of this.

Did stress, anxiety, and fear sneak in? Absolutely.

Tough conversations were had. Stress peaked. Isolation crept in. All normal. No one is built tough enough to not feel things. Humanness.

When you have cherished family members impacted by various emergency medical conditions, I learned that somehow, someway you find that energy, kindness, and positivity to help the other. Totaled up it may not be 100%, but it’s enough.

I’ve touched on the importance of teamwork before, the importance of who you surround yourself with, but in all transparency, I feel I need to say it more bluntly.

Truly, take a look around – evaluate your life. I really encourage you to surround yourself with those who have your best interests at heart; that are happy for your successes, but more importantly, by your side at the drop of a hat when things go south.

There’s really nothing more important than health. Without health, we wouldn’t have love. Without health, we wouldn’t have our community.  Without health, we wouldn’t get to experience the beauty of life, the brokenness of life (which leads to better perspective and appreciation), and the grandiose events that filter in through the decades of our existence.

Is health one of your main priorities? 

Coming next: “The brain is the hard drive of the entire body,” and the primary focus of Cranial Facial Release Technique!

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