How can I sleep better?

Research and the resulting hard facts found to influence sleep and improve quality of life are now available.

One of the most important facts you need to know is:

Your optimal sleep schedule is ruled by genetics.

It’s a static answer across the board – for all individuals.

Finally, you and your neighbor can compare notes on the triumphs and tribulations of sleep, knowing you really can relate.

Dr. Michael Breus, PhD, a clinical psychologist and a diplomate of both the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, educates and breaks down in simple actionable steps, the way to tap into your best sleep / awake life.

Once you understand the genetic hand of cards you were dealt, you can adjust certain factors of your daily life to sleep as well as possible.

How often have you been asked “Are you an early bird or a night owl?”

We all have an idea of which of the two we most lean towards. But there are more than those two options.

Do yourself a huge favor and first, find out your chronotype. (

Now know, “You can’t make yourself into a lion or an early bird no matter how hard you try.”

“A chronotype is your body’s natural disposition to be awake or asleep at certain times.”*

It is “closely related to your body’s circadian rhythm, which controls your body’s sleep-wake cycle and melatonin production.”*

While many factors influence your circadian rhythm, your chronotype is governed by genetics.

Lion:  Enjoy a quick and efficient start to the day; go to bed early

Bear:  Rise & set with the sun; feel a decline early afternoon

Wolf:  Feel best getting a later start; boosts of energy in the evening

Dolphin:  Intelligent, sensitive sleepers (often experience insomnia)

How can you get a better night’s sleep?

By knowing, understanding, and working with your chronotype in the way it wants to be treated, giving you the best outcome in sleep and health.

Working against your chronotype delivers the opposite effect…

Here is the common chronotype fluctuation throughout the course of life. You’ll likely go through them all, which is referred to as “chrono longevity.”

Age range Chronotype
Baby A lion

·      Early to bed

·      Early to rise

Toddler – middle school range A bear

·      The most common (in life)

·      Before Noon is primetime



A wolf

·      Mornings are not their jam

·      Energy flows best in the eve

Once you hit 18-20 years old your chronotype “locks and loads for about 30-40 years” This is based on the results from the chronotype quiz you took!
Once you hit 55 you start to go backwards Ah – the cycle of life.


Based on your age and which chronotype you are – you can learn when it’s best to eat, drink caffeine, and when to tap into your most productive hours for work/chores, and literally everything.

So next time someone asks “how can I sleep better?”, I hope you share this key insight with them.  Every BODY can benefit from quality sleep.



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