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Here is my honest review of all the products in Kroma Wellness’ highly sought out 5-day Reset.

This is not a sponsored article. Through Healthier Bodies, I will never shy away from sharing healthy products, insight from experts, or ways that I personally at home continue to achieve a healthier body.  I want all of us to be in the same best possible state of health.

We all have different tastes and preferences, but I hope this helps you – whether you are thinking about doing the Reset or purchasing a few items independently to incorporate in your eating plan.


Beauty matcha latte – My first time having matcha and it was tasty. A little spice-like kick after each sip.  Paired super well with hot water.  Didn’t mind skipping my normal coffee routine.  (I still love coffee, but this makes me want to incorporate matcha now on certain days.)

Cranberry hydration elixir – I was a tad underwhelmed. I can’t say it helped me feel more hydrated, but it was good.

Ultimate vitality latte – Surprised me.  I liked its potency.  I enjoy fresh juices with turmeric, so this was a great substitute for my normal coffee (decaf) afternoon mental pick-me-up.  I started to crave it and certainly looked forward to the next day the 5 day Reset had it on its menu.

Supergreens elixir – I’ve had many good, bad, and mediocre green drinks over time.  This one is clean, light, and easy to digest.  Atypical and based on the ingredients – a powerhouse.  Refreshing.

Spicy passion latte – Instant “yes.”  A strong, complementary blend of healthy ingredients that make it both an afternoon treat and a motivational cup for a successful rest of the day.   The pumpkin pie spice (cinnamon, ginger, allspice, cloves, nutmeg) and Ceylon cinnamon really jump out at me in this beverage.

Change your life chai – This wasn’t in my 5 day Reset so the jury is still out. 😊


Super porridgeThe most incredible food product I have had in years!  First off, it is a clean breakfast that is packed with nutrient dense superfoodsIt is beyond tasty.  It is expensive.  It is filling, but doesn’t give you that heavy feeling in your stomach.  Kroma’s porridge inspired me to do a complete overhaul of my morning eating routine.

24k chicken bone broth – Very tasty, filling, and loaded with so many unique ingredients. I added some steamed asparagus and broccoli in it and I was happy with my lunch!

Veggie broth with plant protein – I really loved this mid-day broth.   Each spoonful was a treat.  As a person who loves chicken, turkey, and salmon, Kroma’s veggie bone broth proves to me that certain meals of mine could be vegan!  So much is packed in this broth, to name just a few: chives, turmeric, spinach, pumpkin, kale, chocho plant protein.  Yes – healthy can be delicious.  Kroma illuminates this by combining ingredients that blend beautifully and aid our health.

24k beef bone broth – To be honest, I hadn’t consumed beef in years. I’m a chicken, turkey, and salmon gal.  I tried half of it, but it’s just not my preferred meal.


You know I have mixed feelings on smoothies, since most available for consumers are just sugar-fueled, caloric meal replacements, that in my opinion, provide little to no health benefits.  Kroma changed my mind.  I approve of their smoothies. I find them to be a positive addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Vanilla cinnamon smoothie – I will preface this by saying I love cinnamon and I love vanilla.  It wasn’t too satisfying, but by the end of consumption I thought it was good enough.  I guess I was hoping for a bit more flavor.

Blueberry acai smoothie – Light, refreshing, and good. I chose to add in a few strawberries, blackberries and ice before blending. The more I sipped it, the more I enjoyed.

Cacao banana smoothie – I’m not a banana fan.  I took a few sips, but it’s just not my preference.

Sleep aid

Calming + restore magnesium – The sleep aid I didn’t know I needed! I slowly drifted off, fell into a deep, quality sleep without a medication-like hangover. I felt refreshed and renewed upon waking.  Highly recommend.  I looked forward to it each day.

Which Kroma Wellness products are now in my daily healthy eating rotation?  By day 3 of the 5-day Reset, I had ordered… drum roll please…

This wasn’t easy because I could have easily wanted to “add all to cart” on Kroma’s website. I took a few days to truly evaluate what made sense for me, how I wanted to revamp my eating habits, and which products were my must-haves.

Here they are!!

#1 Super porridge (I can’t not have all these amazing nutrient dense superfoods in my morning!!)
#2 Beauty matcha latte (This cut my caffeine consumption down nicely and was a nice, slow way to wake up.)
#3 Calming + restore magnesium (A good night’s sleep is imperative to my wellbeing. It’s a non-negotiable.)
#4 24k Chicken bone broth (Perfect easy lunch or dinner, especially when I pair it with fresh sauteed green vegetables.)
#5 Ultimate vitality latte (A solid, immune boosting replacement for my afternoon coffee.)

On a final note, I am so thrilled with what Kroma Wellness offers today to consumers and look forward to future developments and offerings from the brand.

I’d love to try more lattes, perhaps healthy bars, and anything similar to super porridge.

Thanks Kroma Wellness for contributing in such a positive, healthy way to society!

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