Are your groceries costing you your fitness goals?

We have all been tempted, distracted, or given in to foods or products at the grocery store that were not on our list. Some of which we regretted the next day after consumption. (And some of which we did not regret!)

It’s like being the main character in a crazy video game. Instead of constantly trying to swerve and dash cars as the character illegally attempts to jaywalk, it’s the unhealthy, processed foods, and sweet treats that line the check stands.

Establish a plan. Start trying to stick to it. That discipline and dedication will flow over to other parts of your life. From my experience, that has enormous benefits!

So, whether you are:

  • Trying to make healthier food choices
  • On a diet
  • In maintenance mode
  • Trying to cook in more instead of relying on the unknowns of restaurant meal preparation (oils, butter, fats, creams)
  • Need to save money and not pull into the drive-thru line as often

I’ve been dedicated to eating healthy, making good choices when dining out, and learning to prep yummy recipes with whole ingredients for years. My best tips?

  • 75% of your groceries = fresh vegetables + produce (organic if possible)

Strawberries, blackberries

Cantaloupe, watermelon

Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots

Zucchini, cabbage, mushrooms, tomatoes

Butter lettuce, spinach

Lemons, garlic, fresh herbs for seasoning / homemade marinades

  • Choose lean meats

Chicken breast, turkey breast, ground chicken/turkey, extra lean ground beef

  • Add in healthy omega-3s

Salmon, tuna, mahi mahi

  • Read nutrition labels

Allot 15 minutes extra on your first couple “healthy mode” grocery store runs to review nutrition labels: calories/fat/carbs/protein.

Identify where the item has come from and if organic or not.

Compare to other similar meats/products on the shelves. There is a wide range of meats on the market that are vastly different in nutritional properties.

  • Stock up on – ground flaxseed, Fage 2% plain Greek yogurt, Good Culture cottage cheese (low-fat)

You can create a delicious and healthy breakfast or afternoon snack!

This is a pretty standard grocery list in my house. Do I deviate and pick up other items? Of course. We must live a balanced life. My goal is staying dedicated to achieve a healthier body and to influence both our older and younger generations.

Happy shopping!

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