How to build confidence on the health-front

We pour time, energy, and love into our home front. Through watering seeds, the flowers blossom.

Our inner circle plays an astounding role in our wellbeing. The other main player is our health. Just you – your inner health, outer health, overall health.

How confident are you on your health front?

Confidence, n., “The feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something. A feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities,” Oxford Languages.

“It’s a quiet inner knowledge that you’re capable,” KidsHealth.

Confidence or the lack of is something we are aware of from a young age. Do you recall being nervous before presenting your science project?  Or perhaps reading a chapter from a book aloud in class when you were called on? Big moments, stressful ones, a million tiny ones in 365 days and vital ones allow us a new opportunity to show our confidence, gain more, or learn how to manage our confidence and articulate it to become our best selves.

I recall lacking confidence when it came to typing (speed and accuracy) tests. How did I overcome this feeling? My parents made me practice and practice… I took typing tests online. Seeing my speed increase and error ratio decrease boosted my confidence. What happened next? I aced the next typing test. Needless to say now I can type nearly perfect accuracy while not even looking at the screen.

A lot of things in life circle back to that “muscle memory.” The more we practice, dedicate time to it, and believe in ourselves, the more confident we become and depending on the situation, the better the outcome is.

My confidence is pretty solid when it comes to my health front. From being thrown into the chaotic scene (meningitis & inception of migraine) over a decade ago, navigating surprising health conditions, emergency ones, and ones that require daily consistency to slowly but steadily improve them, through verification of regular blood draws.

In my opinion, confidence can be viewed like pouring a specialty cocktail. My “health cocktail” is 3 ounces. My current perfect mixture:

1 part a strong mind – an “I’ve got this” internal mind dialogue (Might be nice to re-read “Our subconscious mind can work against us” by a psychologist with 40 years of experience.).

1 part trust in the process (Good things take time! There’s no overnight cure. Perhaps check out “Immune system health – expert says nutritional balance key.”).

1 part dedication (Stay the course.).

-Understand your health conditions

Thoroughly discuss them with your doctors, ask questions, do your own independent research, lean in – not away from your health at this stage.

Establish your plan

This is yours and your doctors’ plan, which combined equals the treatment plan for your health conditions. Jot down notes both in the appointment and at home, articulate your concerns, questions, and honest feedback (in a nice manner) to your doctors. A positive relationship is a must for a plan to be executed as seamlessly as possible. If you are not confident in your doctors – fire them and find new ones. It’s your health – it is worth it!

-Follow your plan

“Showing up” every day, absent a doctor visit is vital. Staying consistent with your plan – be it taking your medication timely (set an alarm), stretching, choosing less fried foods and more single ingredient ones, or scheduling your annual exams – be on top of your health.


-Be kind to yourself while you go through the process.  And last but not least, trust the process. 

Not every day will be easy or ultra-challenging. It’s sticking with it through the journey and placing trust in the process (whether it is a 2-month health condition that requires consistency or a 3-year one). It will test your patience, your mind, your body. Continue to re-enforce that inner confidence that will become ever-present on the outside! You’ve got this.

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We can help build each other up by sharing experiences and supporting one another.

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