How to unpack relationship baggage

If you need to learn how to unpack relationship baggage, you’re in the right place.

When you get home from traveling, do you continue to lug around your suitcase?

I’m going to assume the answer is “no.”

There’s a process, right?

You bring in the suitcase, unpack it, wash clothes, put them away, and when you are ready for your next trip, you pack clean clothes and head to the door.

Now, when you go through a relationship breakup, doesn’t it make sense to sort through your baggage before lugging it to the next person’s house?

You need to unpack your relationship baggage, clean it up, sort it out, and leave any excess negative, unhealthy patterns or behaviors behind before entering the next door of dating and relationships.

Why would it be beneficial to bring in old baggage to a new relationship?

The Relationship Expert shares the most common relationship baggage and how to unpack relationship baggage including healthy tools and habits through that process.

Jaime Bronstein, Licensed Relationship Therapist and Author of “MAN*ifesting: A Step-By-Step Guide to Attracting The Love That’s Meant for You,” shares vital insight into healthy and happy relationships.  She has been named The #1USA #1 Relationship Coach by Yahoo.

What are the most common baggage items people bring into relationships?

#1 Trust

#2 Insecurities

Bronstein says in her 20 years of practice, it is 100% these two!

A relationship doesn’t have to take flight for the baggage to appear.  It can happen immediately. If you’re on dating apps, the baggage will come through “even on messages on an app; it’s always there.” The person is “not giving the new person a fair chance.”

If you want a healthier next relationship, “this is why it is so important to look back [at previous relationships and your childhood] and heal,” Bronstein confirms.

If you’re focused on fears, other insecurities, or don’t feel you can trust someone, it likely happens.

Bronstein says, “If you are focused on the fear of something happening, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

On top of that, “It’s not good news, and it’s not attractive.”

Once you leave your baggage behind and enter a new dating situation with a clean slate, you likely will be more confident and thrive in a healthier relationship.

I agree with Bronstein when she states, “I believe the Universe gives us what we focus on.”

To learn the #1 thing to do after a breakup and more in depth steps to take read:  Relationship expert says this is the #1 thing to do after a breakup.

Watch for more from Jaime Bronstein, LCSW in the coming weeks.


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