Kroma Wellness reset all aspects of my health

Like you, I had heard about Kroma Wellness for several months.

I’m sharing my honest review of Kroma Wellness products with you.

I know my health-self pretty well and felt like I had been on cruise control – mindlessly snacking, enjoying certain items because they were “in my routine;” having dessert when I wasn’t really hungry.  The “just because” stages of eating.

I wanted to start fresh.  Enter: Kroma Wellness.

Fun fact: I started on a Friday.  (Just a reminder that there is no good or bad day to start a new program!)  If you’re committed to your health – it’s a perfect time to start.

So, how did Kroma reset all aspects of my health?

I break it down by category.

My mental outlook on health: I was greatly aware how good I felt on the inside as I was consuming all these superfoods. In turn, my mind aligned with good feelings of health.

My physical body: It felt good, capable, and healthy. I wasn’t depriving myself; I was nourishing myself. I enjoyed Pilates and light cardio each day.

My digestive system: I didn’t feel bloated, gassy, or that the Reset made my insides feel heavy. Instead my body felt fulfilled.  I also found that I wasn’t having intense cravings – for chocolate, peanut butter, and most important anything processed.  (A challenge right?!)

My relationship with food: I slowed down and enjoyed each sip of the lattes, the bone broths, the OMG cookie butter. It took me straight back to a mindfulness-based stress reduction course I took several years ago. You mindfully consume and feel the texture, the taste, the experience of food.

My mindset: I had that ‘go get em’ vigor.  I was back – I was “me.” It sure felt good!

My intellectual health: I felt clear in the head, sharp, truly “awake” and alert.

My sleep health: I had the most incredible sleep quality.  The sleep elixir worked all sorts of magic with Magnesium and L-Theanine being the main ingredients.  I slowly felt sleepy and then fell into a deep sleep. In my interview with The Sleep Doctor, he explains why L-Theanine is his recommended nighttime sleep aid.  Kroma Wellness provided my introduction to experimenting with L-Theanine.

Kroma is revolutionizing not only the wellness industry, but our individual healththe way we fuel and heal ourselves.

Kroma encourages a positive relationship with nourishment. It is the opposite of Big Food. Kroma is taking us back generations, with a modern day twist, that is a game changer for longevity via real foods, superfoods!!!

The only thing I would change about my experience with Kroma?

That I had tried Kroma Wellness earlier! Once I committed to Kroma’s Reset, I knew my daily eating plan was about to get a refresh … a makeover.

It’s safe to say Kroma Wellness’ Reset worked its magic.  I’m up and running like a newly updated glitch-free iPhone.

Watch for my review of each product in Kroma Wellness’ reset in a future article and which items are now part of my daily healthy eating lifestyle. 

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