Naturopathic testing valuable in addition to Western medicine

There are individuals that strictly adhere to Western medicine practices and others whom favor Eastern. In my opinion, there is room for both and utilizing both can bring a full range of information for us to consider when it comes to our health.  An article which goes into further detail can be accessed here.  

My viewpoint is the information you gather and guidance you allow from various practices of medicine should serve to enrich your life, strengthen your health, and continue to further one’s education in that realm both for individual benefit and collectively within one’s family.

In addition to my Western medicine practitioners, I have explored Eastern in recent years. I’m so glad I have done this as I am now reaping additional benefits!

This past medical year of mine has been eye-opening, certainly life-changing, and one where I felt inclined to step out of my comfort zone once again. Our health doesn’t stay stagnant. And in my viewpoint, neither should I.

It’s required me to step through the gates of fear, be prepared for any unknowns that may come forward, and most importantly, take action to implement recommendations to continue to solve my personal health puzzle.

At the end of the day I ask myself, “What can I do and avoid in order to lead the longest, healthiest life possible with the medical news/test results I have received?”

In my case, I feel it best to approach my health concerns from all angles.  This includes making good decisions in my daily life, listening to my doctors and getting regular medical testing and showing up for follow-up visits. I stay on track with prescribed medications after a thorough discussion of the benefits and risks (as well as being open to new breakthrough medications), and incorporate vitamins and supplements that will aid my personal health.

If you read my interview with Dr. Kaycie, you may have anticipated I was going to move forward with some testing.

Upon undergoing testing and receiving results from Dr. Kaycie, I learned a handful of valuable things. Some took me by surprise, others I anticipated.

When did I become the woman that was eager for medical results?  Answer: The day that I learned I have much more control over the outcome of my life than I ever realized. I hope you take that thought away from this article – no matter your age or health condition – temporary or chronic.

I learned that a few foods I do consume and some I never have can cause significant sensitivity inside my body. I was diagnosed as ‘lactose intolerant’ as a kid – and it still stands – cow’s milk is a no – go for me.   Whey protein is a bit of a trigger for me and after a review of items I do ingest, it’s of course a very present ingredient.

A certain spice and sugar came back as cautionary – and accordingly will be struck from my own baking.

In addition to food sensitivity news, I learned about supplements that could be instrumental in my health. I was provided with suggestions of natural supplements that are better if I need assistance “naturally winding down at night.”

Now, we all get answers, results, advice, and more…

It’s all about where you take it from there. What action will you or I take? That is when the clock starts ticking.

I am proudly taking action. I have taken my pertinent sensitivity information and cut out or avoid certain foods and have incorporated some supplements to my regime. I feel healthy, balanced, and thankful that I sought out naturopathic evaluation and advice. So far so good.

Depending on your needs, consider a naturopath doctor. I have only good things to say about my experience.

If you do – let me know your experience or any testing you find valuable that other readers could benefit from knowing about. Keeping our community informed with an open dialogue is so important!

Wishing all good health!


Coming next: The digestive tract – everything you eat or drink has an impact 


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