Remove toxicity from your body with lymphatic drainage massage

Are you ready to remove toxicity from your body?

Sabrina Sweet explains that “the lymph system is very superficial to our body” as its right underneath the skin.

Did you know that you can remove toxicity from your body with lymphatic drainage massage?

One of the biggest reasons to be aware of that is you have control over what you put on your body.

We know we can’t fully avoid toxic exposure.  But there are ways we can limit it.

That ranges from sunscreen to deodorant to lotions…and much more.

What is the #1 shocking decision people make when it comes to harming their health?

“Is by wearing chemical deodorant,” Sweet emphasizes. “Watching the chemicals we put on our body not just in our body” is a must have conversation.  This goes for everybody.

Do you need an armpit detox?

“Armpits are a huge lymphatic draining site” and when people wear chemical deodorant it gets hard under the armpits.  She understands that most people don’t want to sweat – “but we have to sweat.”  Otherwise “things get stuck inside.”

What is the common symptom that mean you may need an armpit detox?  Feeling puffy.

Along the chest, neck, face or bra area for women.  Most of her clients “resort that feeling to fat” but when she checks the area “it’s hard and blocked” from chemicals.

Think of your lymph nodes as gates.  “When your lymph is hard and blocked under the armpits, it has nowhere to go.”

How to do armpit detox?

Change your deodorant to a clean, chemical-free brand.  A few suggestions, but dive into Google and find what works best for you.

I love Native deodorant. Lume and Billie are worth checking out too!

“The minute someone changes their deodorant or does an armpit detox, they will start moving the fluid in those congested areas,” she states.

Small changes add up.  What beauty / body products can you step away from and swap for clean beauty brands?

Sweet shares her perspective on clean beauty, “find the stuff that is a non-negotiable to you or if something doesn’t matter – a little bit goes a long way. It’s just finding the things you must have in your daily routine.”

It’s all about balance.

Why is a lymphatic drainage massage a step in the right health direction?

The biggest thing it is known for is boosting the immune system, and everybody can benefit by that boost,” Sweet states.

“Your lymph system is your immune system!” “You can’t have one without the other.”

“When you have a clean lymph, you have a healthy body.”

Looking to achieve a healthier body?  I hope you seek out a qualified expert like Sabrina Sweet to experience and benefit from your first lymphatic drainage massage.

Sabrina Sweet is a California native who has always been passionate about health and wellness.  She is dedicated to learning everything and anything about lymphatic drainage while helping individuals achieve better health.  Sweet has a special interest in continuing to educate individuals on the importance of this type of massage. 

More info and bookings with Sweet can be found here:

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