There’s always room to learn

Closing out a year, awaiting the New Year…. a lot of emotions, big dreams, goals, curiosity, reflection on fond memories, perhaps an uneasy feeling due to stressful times.

Do you feel like you’re at a crossroad?  Many ideas and wants, needs, people, pets, appointments… vying for your attention?

It’s okay and human to be exactly where you are.  Whether that be taking a few steps back and just hanging out on your own tonight or socializing it up with friends.

When we learn, we grow.  As we close out another year, I think becoming a tad bit wiser has a silver lining. Where you are today is where you are meant to be.  Enjoy it. Where you’re headed is exciting.  You’ll get there when you get there!

I’ve learned that as devoted and fulfilled that I am by achieving a healthier body comes with the main realization that there are always experts, specialists, fitness gurus, and more that can teach me new things (and that I certainly apply).   There are things that I do not know.  I want to learn.

Achieving and working towards a healthier body is not a one-time stop kind of thing.  It makes a difference when we continue to read, learn from others more knowledgeable than us, and try new exercises, foods, wellness related apps and more that provide an all-around healthier body and mind.

I’m open and eager to learn more about health, about exercise, about proper nutrition.  That’s where I am right now.  Where are you?

There is always room to learn from friends, colleagues, fellow churchgoers, your parents, an individual serving you a meal at a café.

Listening and understanding another person’s perspective on family life, financial health, a relationship journey, and pregnancy phase can be insightful and change the trajectory of your life.

Hearing them and listening are not to be confused. 

I recently digested an enlightening conversation for about 24 hours after it took place.  It was inspiring, uplifting, and made sense.  While the subject matter didn’t apply directly to my life – there are other categories that I have chosen to direct that attention to.

Really listen to who you spend time with. What are they sharing with you?  If they have your highest good at heart, try to embody it.

Embody the feeling of grateful.  Wake up each day with a Post-It note reminder that positive shifts are occurring in whichever segment of your life you desire the most.

Your close circle of friends and family want to see you shine. 

Cultivate a healthy, safe, positive mental outlook.  Your emotional wellbeing is vital.

Within each interaction, every day, the minuscule ones to the grandiose events, there is an opportunity to learn and grow.

I encourage you to allow room for the space to learn. Sometimes it requires an intentional effort, while other times it will come naturally.  Here’s to being the best versions of ourselves – mind, body, spirit.  A healthier body encompasses all three elements.


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