Wellness entrepreneur has advice for living healthier lives from the inside out

Annie Bassin, creator of Annie’s Ginger Elixir, a highly functional ginger elixir, wants you to feel as healthy as possible.

Her experience living with chronic health conditions, paired with familial advice and home health practices aligned with her Chinese roots, has poised her to be a strong asset to society.

She’s “been there” health-wise and as a result, created a helpful, clean remedy (Ginger Elixir) to improve not only her own life, but yours too.

Annie, a knowledgeable health and wellness beverage entrepreneur, shares her advice to live a healthier life:

What are the top 5 pieces of health advice?

#1 Definitely stay away from processed foods.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) informs that “approximately 60% of the American diet comes from processed foods.”  Over-consumption “has detrimental health effects.”

#2 Look at the labels (and if there are ingredients that you don’t recognize look them up).

“Remember that we are being marketed to constantly. Most companies spend more money on the packaging and messaging than the actual ingredients inside those packages,” she said.

When you are outside the produce and vegetable section and in the rows of processed goods, ensure you are focused on the quality of the food and ingredients, not the appealing, shiny new product on the end cap.

#3 Only take medications when absolutely necessary and when there is no natural remedy available.

“Big Pharma derives 25% of their medications from the Amazon Rainforest, most major pharmaceutical companies have a plot of land in the rainforest to research natural plant remedies which they, in turn, make a synthetic version and turn into pills,” Annie explained.

Lessening our medication-focused and dependent society is so important. I fully believe that bringing in home remedies to help us heal and going back to our roots, learning from our ancestors is imperative.

“The rainforest is the world’s largest pharmacy,” she reminds.

Remember Big Pharma is not in business to cure disease, but to help maintain your diseases. Their business model does not allow for the curing of chronic diseases,” Annie underscores.

Read that again.  Can you apply it to your life, your relatives, your friends?

“Nature provides for many ailments,” she said.   

“Big Pharma is one of the most powerful industries in the world.”* Now, are they doing more harm than good?  That’s for you to decide.  “The global revenue for pharmaceuticals was over $1.42 trillion in 2021.”*  The U.S. is in its own league as “nowhere else in the world do the drug and medical device industries have as much power and make as much money”* as here.

#4 Lifestyle is also very important.

“I am really aligned with how people who live in Blue Zones contribute to their own wellness and longevity by having a sense of purpose, a strong community and natural physical activities,” she continued.

In Blue Zones, their mission is to “empower everyone, everywhere to LIVE BETTER, LONGER.”™**

Profound information related to your health can be found at Blue Zones’ website at the end of this article.

#5 Treat Food as Medicine. 

That is her “mission, one bottle of Annie’s Ginger Elixir at a time.”

Annie’s Ginger Elixir is “supercharged with organic hibiscus, elderberries, blueberries, cranberries and currants for a HEALTHY GUT and IMMUNITY BOOST.”**

Benefits of each ingredient are:

Ginger: Anti-inflammatory

Honey: Anti-bacterial & anti-fungal

Lemon: For digestion and Vitamin C support

Hibiscus: Immune & antioxidant support

Her ginger elixir can be sipped hot or cold, straight or mixed into a favorite seltzer.

“Telling Americans to “eat better” doesn’t work. We must make healthier food.” – Mark Bittman

I hope you take Annie’s advice to lead a healthier life and always make health-related decisions that are best for you and your body.  I highly recommend Annie’s Ginger Elixir and hope it becomes a staple in your kitchen.

This website does not provide medical advice. No material on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It is for informational purposes only.  Always seek the advice of a medical professional or other qualified health care provider on any health matter or question. 




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