Why you should go ‘nuts’ over this salad

I was inspired by a recent Hawaiian vacation. My love for macadamia nuts kicked into high gear on this trip and guess what came home with me?

Before leaving, I bought a nice supply of Mauna Loa MacNuts (dry roasted) and packed those scrumptious, nutritious nibbles in my bag and voila – here we are today.

I had too many delicious salads on my trip to not try and recreate them when back on the mainland.

My focus was crafting a nutrient-dense and flavorful salad.

One thing I remind myself about any type of nut is to consume in moderation (which can be said for majority of food items).

MacNuts are low carb, high in healthy fat, and have an ideal Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio among tree nuts. Research suggests they may lower the chance of heart disease, keep you full longer, are a source of antioxidants, and are low sugar (i.e. diabetic-friendly).


3 generous handfuls USDA organic baby spinach (washed/dried)

3 to 4 nice-sized macadamia nuts, crushed

1/8 cup fat-free feta cheese (pasteurized)

4 medium-sized USDA organic strawberries, sliced

1 chicken breast (cooked and chopped) – I buy chicken breast tenders, season and cook in the oven early on in the week then chop and store portions for meals.

1/6 sweet onion, sliced the day of into slivers

Homemade Strawberry Vinaigrette (recipe below)

Strawberry vinaigrette


1/4 cup plain rice vinegar

1/4 cup oil of choice 

1 packet of your preferred sweetener 

3 ripe strawberries, mashed

Salt to taste


Combine all ingredients, shake it up well. Prepare this dressing early and keep in the refrigerator for easy salad building throughout the week. Shake well before using each time.

This is currently my go-to lunch!

Once you shop all the ingredients, make the dressing, and cook the chicken, this salad can literally be compiled in less than 5 minutes. For me, it’s perfect when I’m feeling famished after a workout but also easy if you’re packing it in advance of heading out the door to work in the morning.

Not to mention, it’s satisfying, has the perfect amount of crunch, and is loaded with health benefits.

A few quick nutrition takeaways:

Spinach: Superfood, good source of Vitamin K, supports strong bones

Strawberries: Antioxidant, reduces inflammation, source of fiber

MacNuts: Heart healthy, help prevent cell damage from environmental toxins

Feta: Probiotic, source of calcium

Chicken breast: Clean/lean protein, satisfies hunger

Sweet Onion: Regulates blood sugar, helps with oral health

This salad is truly divine!  Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

Coming next: Healing is an individual effort, not predictable

I would love to hear some of your healthy meal creations — message me!

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