You may benefit from lymphatic drainage massage if you have these two major health issues

What are two health problems that can wreak havoc on our bodies and quality of life?

1 – Hormonal issues

2 – Mold exposure

I know what you’re thinking – you’re most familiar with lymphatic drainage massage being an aesthetic thing. The before and after pictures do run rampant on social media.

You’ve seen the leaner, toned, tighter-looking, impressive bodies floating around on socials. Influencers say they feel as good after as they look!  So appealing, right?

I interviewed expert in the field, Sabrina Sweet, who has some exciting health news for you!

There is so much more to a lymphatic drainage massage than meets the naked eye.

Hormonal issues and mold exposure are the two resonating health issues that Sweet’s clients are coming in for. They need symptom relief.  They want to feel better.  Healthy.

The health issues vary town by town – county by county. What people are seeking from lymphatic drainage massage within San Diego varies significantly from Los Angeles.

When it comes to mold exposure, Sweet links it to the uptick in rain in California and that “our infrastructures in our homes really aren’t meant for it.  A lot of my clients saw spikes in mold.”

This is an important conversation to dissect – “How to reduce mold exposure in homes,” because as Sweet said, “once mold is in, it is really hard to treat and get rid of.”

What are symptoms of mold exposure?

“A lot of it is unexplained issues,” Sweet explained.  Clients come in and say:

  • “I eat healthy
  • I drink water
  • I work out every day

I do all the things…”

So when all the boxes are checked off and there is no explanation from their doctor following lab results…clients are baffled.    

Clients say, “I don’t understand why I feel this way and why I am experiencing these unpleasant symptoms.”

Once Sweet starts a lymphatic drainage massage she can immediately tell whether a stomach “feels off and so stuck” compared to “healthy and moving.”  That’s her first indication that something is amiss.

Why is a stomach inflamed or “stuck”?

“It’s most likely mold,”

“hormonal imbalance,”

“high levels of stress,”

or “unreleased trauma,” she states.  

Trauma is worth diving into with a specialist. There are various techniques.  Understand EMDR therapy in this article:  Learn to reprocess cyclic thoughts with EMDR therapy.

Sweet’s advice to achieving better health?

Focus on having a “good mindset of emotions.”

“Don’t stress about your stress.”  Because the reality is that added layer of stress is “adding to the lymph system.”

This can’t be emphasized enough.  Experts agree on the impact of stress.

If a stressor is chronic and frequent, there are large effects on the brain and on behavior.  Also with higher levels of stress, there are bigger impacts.”  Dr. Jamie L. Hanson, expert in psychology.

Individuals who have a high level of perceived stress develop cognitive decline, mild cognitive impairment and dementia at higher rates than people who have lower levels of stress.”  Dr. Richard Lipton, a highly respected researcher.

Let this motivate you to de-stress.  Move that stress right out of your body.

“Dry brushing” has its benefits.

Dry brushing stimulates your nervous system, removes dead skin cells and keeps your skin healthy.

“At the end of the day it is all mindset.”  Joe Dispenza’s infamous quote “dis-ease causes disease” can be applied in all areas of health (mental, physical, spiritual, emotional).  “Dis-ease in anything,Sweet concludes.

Your health is multi-faceted.  Lymphatic drainage massage could be the missing puzzle piece to feeling better and finding more joy in the day.

Sabrina Sweet is a California native who has always been passionate about health and wellness.  She is dedicated to learning everything and anything about lymphatic drainage while helping individuals achieve better health.  Sweet has a special interest in continuing to educate individuals on the importance of this type of massage. 

More info and bookings with Sweet can be found here:

Watch for more from Sabrina Sweet in the coming weeks.

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