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Here is my honest review of all the products in Kroma Wellness’ highly sought out 5-day Reset. This is not a sponsored article. Through Healthier Bodies, I will never shy away from sharing healthy...

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Your honest source in health for all stages of life. Facts directly from experts worldwide, providing a wealth of knowledge, and tried-and-true solutions.
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Meet Shelby

An honest health journalist – focused on the facts, not influenced by trends or swayed by big pharma. My goal is to give you peace of mind. I’ll ask the tough health questions, the embarrassing ones, and find out the honest truth.

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1 million pregnancy losses suffered annually in United States

If you were curious if anyone else is struggling to maintain a pregnancy or has even a clue of everything you have gone through, Harvey Kliman, MD, PhD, a physician scientist at the Yale University School of Medicine, sheds much-needed light on the subject. “Pregnancy...

How to fire your doctor in 3 easy steps

I’ve fired doctors in order to improve my health. I wanted doctors who care. I wanted the best professional team in my health circle. Why have I fired doctors?  To get solutions, feel healthier and improve health conditions. Plain and simple, certain doctors I’ve had...


Remove toxicity from your body with lymphatic drainage massage

Are you ready to remove toxicity from your body? Sabrina Sweet explains that “the lymph system is very superficial to our body” as its right underneath the skin. Did you know that you can remove toxicity from your body with lymphatic drainage massage? One of the...

Dental hygiene 101

Your dental health is closely linked to your overall health and wellbeing. What does a dental hygienist do? Regular prevention assessment Condition of the gums Warning signs in the teeth (to get in front of major issues) Provide tips and advice for best at-home oral...


What can I do to improve my sleep?

You’ve read books, Googled all things sleep-related, asked friends and family for their “secret” … but Dr. Michael Breus, PhD, shares the fact of the matter. “If you wake up at the same time 7 days a week - that will fix like 60% of what’s going on with most people.”...

How can I sleep better?

Research and the resulting hard facts found to influence sleep and improve quality of life are now available. One of the most important facts you need to know is: Your optimal sleep schedule is ruled by genetics. It’s a static answer across the board – for all...

What is REM sleep vs. deep sleep?

When in doubt, ask an expert.  Dr. Michael Breus, PhD, simplifies and differentiates REM sleep vs. deep sleep for us. REM sleep = Mental restoration   Deep sleep = Physical restoration   REM sleep is imperative because of its mental restoration benefits....


Kroma Wellness reset all aspects of my health

Like you, I had heard about Kroma Wellness for several months. I’m sharing my honest review of Kroma Wellness products with you. I know my health-self pretty well and felt like I had been on cruise control – mindlessly snacking, enjoying certain items because they...

United States food recalls protect our health

Another day – another food recall.  It seems like we are constantly hearing about more and more food recalls. This is something we have seen affecting the majority of the states and products that have been distributed through both grocery stores and big box wholesale...


Are your groceries costing you your fitness goals?

We have all been tempted, distracted, or given in to foods or products at the grocery store that were not on our list. Some of which we regretted the next day after consumption. (And some of which we did not regret!) It’s like being the main character in a crazy video...

What are the benefits of stretching?

Growing up, stretching was always suggested to me before joining any competitive sport on the field or court. Did I? No. Why? Because I didn’t think it mattered. I was unaware of any benefit. I associated it as only being necessary if you were prone to injury....


Relationship expert shares best advice for a healthy relationship

Jaime Bronstein, Licensed Relationship Therapist and Author of "MAN*ifesting: A Step-By-Step Guide to Attracting The Love That’s Meant for You,” shares key advice when it comes to relationships. She has been named the #1 Relationship Coach Transforming Lives by Yahoo....

Relationship expert says this is the #1 thing to do after a breakup

You just went through a breakup. Now what? All you know is you are newly single, and the pain from the breakup stings. Maybe you didn’t want it to end.  Perhaps you are eager to find a new person to date.  Or, you want to take a second, reflect and be alone.  So much...

How to unlock your best health

Strike “it’s all luck.” Highlight effort. Gravitate towards selecting balanced choices. Fantastic health is not something everyone can achieve. Tricky health diagnoses strike. Whether us, a friend, or a loved one, we will experience chronic illness and disease in our...

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