Why I choose Carbonaut bread

I’ve read countless articles on the top healthy breads for years. I’ve tried some, but no particular one stood out on the nutrition or taste front to me. Personal preference of course.

What’s most important to you when choosing a bread?

My grandmother used to make homemade bread and it was to die for.  So I have kept my eyes peeled for a store bought bread that could check both the ‘this is healthy’ box and the ‘yum’ taste test factor.

It all changed in August of 2023. Sprouts’ (grocery store) large refrigerator case of Carbonaut bread was calling my name. I had heard of the brand, but no one I knew had tried it or mentioned it.

Wow – am I glad I grabbed a loaf to try – I would have missed out on a great, healthy bread.

This is THE BREAD.  Let me share the details:

The taste – very important, right?  As a loved one states, “It tastes like bread fresh out of the oven. It has that delicious homey taste.”

I toss a slice on the skillet or in the toaster and it serves as a snack at any point in the day! Add a healthy fat — like my favorite Artisana Organics Raw Almond Butter — on top and you’ve got yourself a 2 for 1 nutritional blockbuster. Looking to incorporate superfoods into your morning routine?  I suggest adding Struesli Organics Granola Redefined (Savory + Seed on Carbonaut is a win!).  Or add some fresh turkey breast, lettuce, and toppings and bite into a great sandwich.

The nutrition facts – Yes, just as important.

My current favorite is the U.F. Oat bread.

Calories per slice: 70

Net carbs*: 2g

Fiber: 9g

Fat: 2.5g

Protein: 7g

*Total carbs then subtract dietary fiber

When compared side by side to competing ‘healthy’ brands, it has nearly half the ingredients.

Carbonaut’s Original was where I started and I really enjoy it too.  Nutrition facts very comparable to U.F. Oat.

Side bar: If you have food sensitivities are you reviewing what is in the bread you purchase?

On top of taste, what I believe really sets Carbonaut apart is the fiber content. Fiber is essential for our bodies. Fiber “helps regulate the body’s use of sugars, helping to keep hunger and blood sugar in check.”

Harvard Health states that many adults and children are not getting an adequate amount of fiber per day, stating we need “25 to 35 grams of fiber for good health” yet most only get “15 grams.”*

Both types of fiber are imperative for good health.

  • Soluble fiber
  • Lowers blood cholesterol
  • Lowers glucose levels

Foods include: chia seeds, oatmeal, apples, nuts, beans, blueberries

  • Insoluble fiber
  • Helps food move through your digestive system (prevents constipation and promote regular bowel movements)

Foods include: brown rice, kale, almonds, pears, whole wheat (wheat bran)

Family friendly option

Kids’ lunches – check

To pack as a snack on a flight – check (recently me)

Freezes well so you can buy in bulk to always have on hand

A way to influence eating habits without sacrificing flavor!

Check out Carbonaut’s website to find out where it is sold near you. It gets 5 stars in my healthy eating playbook.

No matter which bread you choose, I encourage you to seek out foods that help achieve a healthier body.

Small, healthy changes in our eating habits add up to significant changes in our overall health.



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